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How our programs works.

Money Camp is designed to be completed in 60-80 hours depending on the level of the student.  Each Student is required to take and pass a Money Competency examination in order to receive a Money Camp Certificate of Completion.

Set Your Goals

Our program has proven to be successful for many students with widely diverse backgrounds, abilities and interests – from the top scholar to the low tester, from the well-rounded person to the especially talented, from the self-motivated to the underachiever – and many more in between.


Money Camp Signature summer programs

      Our signature 10 day camp consists of several training sessions where campers are immersed in the essentials of entrepreneurship, investing, and personal finance.  Campers learn how to make money (jobs, and entrepreneurship), how to manage money (budgets), how to multiply their money (investments), how to think and develop the habits of a wealthy person, how to develop passive income, portfolio income streams and how money can be used to give back and help their communities grow.